Monday, June 23, 2014

Vote for me to be #1 of #26 for Indonesian on Translation World Cup 2014

Since the vote limit only up to June 26th, 2014. So if you had to vote for me through the social media above the screenshot :) and here's the Link to vote then I could be #1 of #26 for Indonesian (not much though for our national language) :D and for the world rank, current ranks
This launched by MateCat, and Proz

Camera shooting quote

"Take many shots as you can, be depressed by the picture, then take another shot. Keen on the skill and get interact to the world"  - Chris Steele-Perkins
Indonesian : 
Potretlah sebanyak-banyaknya, depresilah karena foto tersebut, lalu fotolah lagi. Asah terus skill dan berinteraksilah dengan dunia” 
-adapted from

Sunday, June 22, 2014