Friday, April 17, 2015

The resolution of this year when crossing my mind (belated written)

It's been said if you want your resolution will come true one by one at one time, try to write down. So  I thought I could write at this blog even has passed 4 months over this new year. Last year resolution was could go to the highest peak of this earth, some will know this place. It takes a fixed preparation on mental, time, health and most important is your financial condition. I thought it would be better if I re-schedule for next year as my new job position's improved. Since something out of last year plan came up suddenly that had me to move from my last job position to a new place for better job, then designed plan to the peak had to cancel as time went by and closed to the flight schedule. Last month had an announcement for world premiere electronic music festival, those dance music fans would know what festival that I mean, even at last month of last year I had wish could go to the past 3 years in a row was known dance music festival in our capital. Just a simple wishes, it can be a small resolution in conjunction with world premiere electronic music festival's quote "You should see once in a lifetime". I think this year would be the best time to make it true for this festival on next summer (Sept) and last month of the year (Dec). Even number ages keeps on growing (hope this reason won't bother you), which means I was late to see it instead of doing religious activities. Hope those wishes will make it true which parallel with my adaptation to new job position and can be added value to a year of assessment as my task level improvement in the division.
Like a song lyric from Virus - Martin Garrix : "We will do anything we dream about, How about Now" :)
So what do I waiting for, but I can't get rid of the up beats and the lyrics inside which keeps on crossing my mind. Anyone can helped me to overcome this matters ??? 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Can't stop this beats feeling - anyone can help me on this one?

Recently, I wrote this " I should've breakin my parents rules over past 15yrs ago, so these days I would be one line like Martin :) but too bad the facts didn't go like that :( " on my G+ timeline after I watched Martin Garrix thanks to his million fans video. This video reminds me of that statement, 15yrs ago when I decided what I like to be but it's forbidden. Now what I can only do just playing those up beats from VirtualDJ, perhaps one day those music beats which keeps on sounding in my mind will be one of the hits song just like Martin's had :) and working in a studio to make some up beat music will come true even number of ages keeps on growing. If only could turn back the time :))

Monday, June 23, 2014

Vote for me to be #1 of #26 for Indonesian on Translation World Cup 2014

Since the vote limit only up to June 26th, 2014. So if you had to vote for me through the social media above the screenshot :) and here's the Link to vote then I could be #1 of #26 for Indonesian (not much though for our national language) :D and for the world rank, current ranks
This launched by MateCat, and Proz